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Director of Engineering



Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Posted on Monday, June 28, 2021

One of the big challenges product manufacturers face is to meet the market demand for battery-operated, always-on, always-sensing products without sacrificing sensing capabilities, maintaining reasonable battery-life, and keeping data secure and local.

Aspinity's novel and patented analog machine learning (ML) solution marks a paradigm shift in the way sensor data is analyzed for a multitude of end-user applications. Just as the brain makes sense of its multi-modal sensory input by focusing higher-order cognition on salient characteristics, Aspinity enables developers to extract "sense" from sensors before the data is even digitized, which reduces power consumption and allows the system to focus higher power compute resources on relevant information. With already established applications to voice control, sound classification, machinery monitoring, and distributed power grid monitoring, Aspinity's programmable analog processing technology is positioned to be the key abstraction layer for the physical world at a time when new user interface paradigms (touch to voice to …) and new monitoring capabilities are transforming industries. Join us as we build this new analogML framework!

Position Description

Aspinity is looking for a Characterization Test Engineer to focus on characterization and testing of ultra-low power analog product, including analog blocks and sensor interface circuits. Job responsibilities include development of measurement methodology and plan, implementation of test programs, testing with lab equipment, analysis of results, and root cause analysis of failures. In this position, you will have a unique and exciting opportunity to use your design, debug, and verification skills to test, verify and validate unique non-linear analog products. You will architect and develop test methodologies and flows for testing components, devices, and systems, and in return, you will gain valuable hands-on experiences as part of your career development.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Measure the response of analog low-power IC products for the purposes of exhaustive characterization, acceptance (pass/fail) test, and reliability qualification, both in package and at the wafer level.
  • Development and execution of product characterization measurement methodology and test plans.
  • Evaluation, use, and support of measurement and parametric test hardware and software to create models of measured components.
  • Collect and analyze parametric test data and investigate root causes of failures.
  • Work with product development engineers and manufacturing engineers to provide DFT guidance.

Requirements and qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience in IC or electronic circuit characterization and testing.
  • Experience with electronic circuit measurement (practice, methodologies, tools) required. Analog circuit knowledge a plus
  • Strong background in process-oriented practices, QA, compliance
  • Experience with IC manufacturing required. Analog circuit manufacturing a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to design and bring up characterization boards and test interface.
  • Familiar with use of standard lab characterization equipment
  • Experience with common programming languages including python and Octave/Matlab.
  • Ability to modify and update automated characterization plan based on inputs from designers.
  • Must be able to develop test/characterization plan based on inputs from designers.
  • Must be able to capture, analyze and present characterization data.
  • Must be able to think systemically, work independently, and create and adhere to schedules.

Other information

  • Located in Pittsburgh, PA (preferred)